I Know It’s Around Here Somewhere…

Unfortunately, money is a tangled net.  What happens across the seas or across the state has repercussions in your own wallet.  Be prepared for that time when the tangle of money unravels and we all find ourselves wondering where it all went.

the economy

It took him awhile but Fuzzy finally found the economy.

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Uh…did you notice the oars?

Technology masks the potential of human greatness.  We rely on mechanical and electronic means of doing things that we are quite capable of doing ourselves.  We are so dependent on it that when it fails us we feel stymied and adrift.  We should CONTROL the technology, not the other way around.20130308073605_00001

Brittany was paralyzed with fear when she realized the motor was broken.  Now she was condemned to drift on the pond forever…never reaching land again.

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I Are Jeen-Yus!

If you look to the world for acknowledgment of your achievements you may be disappointed.  The world is fickle and rarely understands or values true genius and creativity.  This doesn’t make you any less amazing, however.  Genius is its own reward.Nobel Gift Cert

For Henry’s extraordinary work with chicken-technology and robotics he received a Nobel Gift Certificate.

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You Can Count on Me…Mostly

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, company work, a society work, a civilization work.”      Vince Lombardi

When we make a commitment, or fail to keep one, the results reach far beyond ourselves.  Commitments are our promise to the world that it will be a better place because we’re in it.


Gaynelle always arrived late to work, but made up for it by leaving early.

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Acts of Rebellion

Rebellion is a waste of time and effort unless it changes the course of whole nations.  Otherwise, it is a simply self-aggrandizing display of egotism.  Make your acts of rebellion count for something other than yourself.

Acts of Rebellion

In spite of being culturally and biologically perfected to scratching for feed, Imogene refused to ever eat  from the ground ever again!!  From this moment forward it was flatware or NOTHING.

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